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The Astrology of Love and Relationships: Part Two – David Bowie & the Mystical Union

The astrology of love and relationships: Part Two – Bowie & the Mystical Union In the first part of my Valentine’s Day Special, I looked at the horoscope for the first meeting between Iman and Bowie, in Los Angeles on October 14th 1990. Much has been written about David Bowie and the deep love he shared with his wife Iman. I want to try to understand that connection – hence these articles. In this post I will be taking a closer look at the synchronicity between the horoscopes of Bowie and the ‘first meeting horoscope’. … Lees verder

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Venus and Pluto: the Rape of Persephone

When Pluto is in aspect with Venus, he slowly creeps up on her and pounces. Of all the planets – Pluto is the most secretive, his motives are never immediately apparent – and there is something in the essence of Venus which makes her almost always ripe for ambush. Think of the myth the Rape of Persephone. Legend has it that Persephone’s father Zeus – advised his brother Pluto to snatch Persephone – since her mother Demeter was unlikely to agree to a relationship. This kind of ‘behind the scene’ scheming gives us additional insight … Lees verder

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The Astrology of A Royal Wedding: Prince William and Kate Middleton

Now we have a time for the start of the wedding ceremony 29th April 2011, at 11.oo – this might be a good moment to see what extra information the wedding horoscope of Prince William and Kate Middleton has to tell us about their relationship. The ascendant is in the royal sign Leo – and appropriately in the horoscope of a future King – Leo’s ruler the Sun is in the 10th house, the house of state occasions. The other royal planet  – Jupiter is conjunct Mars – and on the midheaven which Mars rules. Of the two planets Mars in its … Lees verder

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Horoscope Eva Gabrielsson: The woman who fought back…

Eva Gabrielsson first met Stieg Larsson at an anti-Vietnam war rally in 1972. The two became a couple, remaining together until Stieg’s untimely death in 2004, which came just a few months after he found a publisher for the first book in the Millenium series. It is ironic that Eva Gabrielsson and Stieg Larsson were both strong supporters of women’s rights, and that they both totally rejected any form of violence against women. It is fair to say that Eva Gabrielsson has taken quite a battering in the last years, by both the Swedish legal system, and Stieg Larsson’s father and brother.  (Stieg … Lees verder

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Pluto in Sagittarius: Relationships…

  In my Valentine’s day post, I looked at the impact of Pluto in Libra, Scorpio and Capricorn on relationships. I left Sagittarius out of the equation, dropped a stitch. Sagittarius is a future orientated, visionary, philosophical sign. The archer is never quite satisfied with things as they are – he shoots his arrow – and gallops off in search of new horizons. Sagittarius has links to law, ethical issues, new discoveries in science, visionaries in this area as well as to the philospical disputes, religious and otherwise that are part and parcel of progress. With Pluto … Lees verder

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