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Urbi et Orbi – Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn – bang on target

Urbi en Orbi – Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn – bang on target In terms of faith and religion, the solstitial sign Capricorn is associated with ancient traditions, pagan faiths, and earth worship. With Jupiter approaching its first conjunction with Pluto since the conjunction on the galactic center in 2007 and its first conjunction in Capricorn since 1771, the  spectacle yesterday of Pope Francis delivering a special Urbi et Orbi blessing from Rome, one of the centers of classical antiquity, seemed to me most timely. Unlike Saturn and Jupiter, there were no temples to worship … Lees verder

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Stephen King’s ‘IT’: Saturn, Neptune and the resurrection of Pennywise

Stephen King’s IT: Saturn, Neptune and the Resurrection of Pennywise An unprecedented wave of “creepy clowns” is currently sweeping parts of the globe. What appears to have started in August 2016 in South Carolina, has since spread to the UK and more recently, sightings of scary clown figures have also been reported in the Netherlands. This spate of ‘clowning’ seems to coincide with the news that Stephen King’s supernatural novel IT, published on 15 Sept. 1986 and filmed as a mini-series in 1990 (Nov. 18, 1990 first episode screened) is due to be released as … Lees verder

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