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Saturn’s station in Libra: Equipoise…

I don’t know about you.. but speaking for myself Saturn’s movement towards its station in Libra feels pretty head on to me. But then.. I have the Sun, Moon, and Mars in Capricorn, Cancer and Aries respectively – and all three are coming under heavy fire right now, located as they are in that neat little triangle that is 23 to 25 of the cardinals. Thinking about this long ‘hang-out’ Saturn is having in the 23rd degree – a word spontaneously sprung to mind, equipoise. Nice word, equipoise, meaning balance of forces or interests, equality … Lees verder

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What do Adolf Hitler and Ariel Sharon have in common?

This week two controversial exhibitions have hit news headlines. The first on Adolf Hitler opened in a Berlin museum on Monday – the first ever about the life and influence of Germany’s former chancellor. The second opened in a Tel-Aviv art museum, and shows a life – sized wax model of Ariel Sharon – in a coma. The wax model of the former Israeli leader is situatied close to where the real  life Ariel Sharon lies in his hospital bed, opened eyed, kept alive for four years by a medical team. Saturn is currently in … Lees verder

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The Pope’s visit to Britain: Is time running out for the Holy Father?

On Thursday September 16th 2010, Pope Benedict XVI starts his official four day visit to the Britain. The Pope will land in Edinburgh, Scotland, at 10.30 LT, on St. Ninian’s Day. Ninian was the first Scottisch saint – and renowned for his good works. However, Catholicism is currently more associatied with sex-abuse of children than with the salvation of the soul. The visit is already overshadowed by further revelations about sex abuse in Belgium. Details have just emerged concerning 300 cases  – which led to the suicide of 13 young people . Last night a BBC program tried to answer the question: What … Lees verder

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Saturn in Libra: Why Saturn is exalted in Libra

Saturn is set to finally enter on 21st of July. This a re-print of an earlier article on why Saturn is exalted in Libra. On Thursday Saturn makes a first tentative move into Libra. The last two and half years, Saturn has been in the critical, earthy sign Virgo. Saturn is connected to society’s rules, its basic structures, it’s backbone. Since the fall of Lehman Brothers there has plenty of criticism of traders, money dealers, bankers, etc. etc. etc. Virgo – through its ruler Mercury – is connected to trade and business and we have seen that the small … Lees verder

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What does Berlusconi have in common with Queen Elizabeth II, Pope John Paul II, and President Reagan?

I don’t know. What does Berlusconi have in common with Queen Elizabeth II, Pope John Paul and President Reagan? Well they were all attacked during Saturn’s sojourn through the first decan of Libra. Elizabeth, Pope JP, and Reagan were all shot at between March and June 1981!! Reagan’s attacker was declared insane, JP’s attacker might have been working for the KGB, and the Queen’s attacker, a 17 year old boy, had been inspired by the attacks on the Pope and Reagan. In fact – just a few months ago when starting to research Saturn in Libra, I did ask myself, … Lees verder

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