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Stephen King’s ‘IT’: Saturn, Neptune and the resurrection of Pennywise

Stephen King’s IT: Saturn, Neptune and the Resurrection of Pennywise An unprecedented wave of “creepy clowns” is currently sweeping parts of the globe. What appears to have started in August 2016 in South Carolina, has since spread to the UK and more recently, sightings of scary clown figures have also been reported in the Netherlands. This spate of ‘clowning’ seems to coincide with the news that Stephen King’s supernatural novel IT, published on 15 Sept. 1986 and filmed as a mini-series in 1990 (Nov. 18, 1990 first episode screened) is due to be released as … Lees verder

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Astro-insight: Saturn square Venus, Mars conjunct Saturn & the taming of the old codger

Astro insight: Stations are brilliant. Stations give weight and focus to a particular area of the zodiac and offer an opportunity to see that particular archetypal energy in clear focus. Saturn stations direct this week and its current sign Sagittarius is really about self-belief and principles that shape us. Saturn retrograde issued a high level challenge to our beliefs and convictions. Are we who we think and say we are? Do we talk the talk – but fail to walk the walk? The need for honesty, integrity and authenticity has never been greater. If you … Lees verder

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Saturn Square Neptune and the Death of Stars

Stars are falling from the sky. We are witnessing a quite spectacular meteor shower. David Bowie, Lemmy, Prince.. artists who set our feet in motion and created soundtracks for our lives. Thinking about which planets are shaking the heavens, Shakespeare’s Tempest sprang to mind. Neptune in Pisces is  ’the stuff that dreams are made of’ but Saturn, even when in Sagittarius, reminds us that ‘our little life is rounded with a sleep.” Neptune is of a higher order than Saturn, its movement slower. It is a step closer to Plato’s notion of the divine. Yet, … Lees verder

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