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Liz Hathway Astrology: The real reason Theresa May missed the tv leaders’ debate

On June 8th, a ‘snap’ general election will take place in the UK. Snap – because the election should have taken place in 2020, but was called early. Theresa May’s slogan for the election campaign is ‘strong and stable leadership’ – so in this introductory article on the UK election, I will answer the followings questions “does the horoscope of Theresa May suggest she is a strong and stable leader’ ? Why did May refuse to take part in last night’s leaders’ debate? and last but not least, would her election bode well for UK … Lees verder

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The Pope’s visit to Britain: Is time running out for the Holy Father?

On Thursday September 16th 2010, Pope Benedict XVI starts his official four day visit to the Britain. The Pope will land in Edinburgh, Scotland, at 10.30 LT, on St. Ninian’s Day. Ninian was the first Scottisch saint – and renowned for his good works. However, Catholicism is currently more associatied with sex-abuse of children than with the salvation of the soul. The visit is already overshadowed by further revelations about sex abuse in Belgium. Details have just emerged concerning 300 cases  – which led to the suicide of 13 young people . Last night a BBC program tried to answer the question: What … Lees verder

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Obama: While Saturn squares Pluto…..

 I was drawn to Barack Obama – seeing  in him someone who reflected the “zeitgeist” the spirit of the time. A year later, it must be said, he’s not had an easy ride. One consolation: this was predictable. Obama inherited a mess and things often have to get worse, before they can get better. But ours is an astrological enquiry, so how can we view current events in the light of astrological alignments. Well let’s just pick one aspect out of the hat: Saturn’s square to Pluto. A clash of the titans that sure as hell puts conflict on the agenda. Conflict that … Lees verder

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Astrology: The UK and the Big Freeze/ Gordon Brown in from the cold…

Speaking as a Brit – or should I say – as an ex-pat, I am astounded by the way that snow-fever thas descended on the mother country. The BBC news these days, is all about that good old fashioned British obsession – the weather. In Amsterdam – we just keep on cycling – business as usual. In the UK, everyone’s gone mad! All other news coverage has drifted quietly into the background. It’s all about snow, snow, snow. That is, until the Big Freeze hit Parliament.  There was a failed coup yesterday to unseat the PM, Gordon Brown. It was a botched … Lees verder

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