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The Current Role of Mars: Uranus square Pluto, Saturn sextile Pluto

One of the things that I like the most about giving a workshop, is that it creates an opportunity for me personally, to revisit material. It is a bit like returning to a city in the role of guide. Your orientation needs to better. You know what you missed and what you would like others to see. There is more concentration, planning and appreciation. The workshop currently inspiring me, will take place next Sunday in Amsterdam, and is called ’the deepening’ and the group will be exploring the current sextile between Saturn and Pluto, and … Lees verder

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The Chernobyl Horoscope, harbinger of change

Days before the Chernobyl disaster I had a dream…I was at Three Cliffs Bay, an area of outstanding natural beauty on the South Wales coast,  when suddenly a great wind came up which was so ferocious it was impossible to stand. Everything – including me – was swept up. It was a lucid dream… from which I fought to escape but I could not open my eyes – they were weighted down. Eventually I awoke, afraid. The dream was clearly trying to alert me of some pending danger – but what? When it happened – … Lees verder

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Astrology: Christmas shopping through the zodiac signs..

  This year the internet is playing an even bigger role in our Christmas shopping– so just in case you don’t know what to buy your partner, lover, friend, for Christmas, this is my guide – based solely on the zodiac signs. So what do you buy an Aries for Christmas? I don’t know. What do you buy an Aries for Christmas? Read on… Aries is a fire sign, so you want to buy him/her something hot (and I’m not talking hot water bottles). Modern gadgets – an automatic garlic press ? ; the board game Risk … Lees verder

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