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The Earth Rising Horoscope: Christmas Eve 1968

image Nasa website The time, mid-morning, the date, Christmas Eve 1968 – the location space. “As the spacecraft Apollo 8 emerged from the far side on its fourth orbit (around the Moon) crew commander Frank Borman rolled the spacecraft so as to position its antennas for radio contact with mission control. Looking to the lunar horizon for reference he exclaimed – “Oh my God, look at that picture over there! Here’s the Earth coming up!”…. This was the first time any human being had ever seen the earth objectively, seen it as a glorious heavenly body. Suddenly we knew … Lees verder

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Avatar the movie: The Horoscope

My first attempt to see Avatar ended in disaster: it was sold out. So this time I did the right thing and booked online. Despite the cliche’s in the story itself, the technology has clearly come a long way since “Creature of the Black Lagoon” !! The premier of Avatar was in London, on December 10th 2009 – the time I am using is 20.00. The horoscope of Avatar.   Avatar is set on Pandora – a planet in Alpha Centauri star system.  Pandora is rich in resources which a military backed corporation want to further exploit.  The planet’s inhabitants … Lees verder

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