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President Obama’s UK Visit: Mercury playing up !

President Obama who is currently touring Europe, landed last night (23 May) at Stansted Airport at 22.15 BST. His arrival was brought forward by a day due to yet another Icelandic ash cloud. Nature is disruptive when Uranus is in Aries. Last year on the 14th April – another Icelandic ash cloud brought all flights in and out of the UK to a standstill.  When that decision was taken – Mercury was in almost exactly the same position as it is today: 2010 flight ban Mercury 11.55 Taurus, 2011 Mercury, Obama’s visit, 23 May, 11.52 … Lees verder

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Tuition Fees Horoscope: Chaos rules in the UK

  Yesterday the Commons voted to raise tuition fees in England – and the police lost control of the capital. The car that was taking Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles  to a Royal Performance, was mobbed by angry demonstrators, a window smashed, the car was kicked, rocked, and smeared with paint. It must have been pretty terrifying. After a long and often emotional debate in Parliament the BBC website gives 17.41 as the time that the vote was passed to raise tuition fees at English universities to a maximum of £9,000 per year. The tuition fees horoscope: Tuition … Lees verder

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The Nick Clegg Phenomena…the horoscope of the UK

Exciting times in UK politics. Just as the Conservative leader, David Cameron, looked fit to snatch the Crown from Gordon Brown, a relative new-comer, Nick Clegg, seems to be turning Cameron’s dream into a nightmare. It’s no longer David Cameron who is  the undisputed champion of change, but the Liberal Democrat, Nick Clegg.  It must be said however, that here on blogo we did have our reservations about David Cameron’s chances of winning the election, however, Nick Clegg is a phenomena that has set the UK electoral ball well and truly on the roll. The horoscope of Nick Clegg … Lees verder

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