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Astrologieblog Weekhoroscoop: Venus in Schorpioen, integer blijven en de zaken niet mooier maken dan ze zijn

Astrologieblog weekhoroscoop: Met de Zon in Weegschaal is het belangrijk om de juiste balans in het leven te vinden. Evenwicht – duidt op een situatie waarin zonder verstoring, geen verandering plaats zal vinden. Echter …. De Zon begint langzaam maar zeker in het gebied te komen, dat tussen Jupiter, Uranus en Pluto in staat. Begin oktober, wordt er een grote kruis tussen deze vier planeten gevormd. In balans blijven, wordt een grote opgave. De uitdaging is om een weg te banen tussen uitersten. Deze week mogen wij beginnen met oefenen! Een aantal jaren geleden, heb … Lees verder

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Uranus square Pluto: The Lone Wolf

Uranus square Pluto: The Lone Wolf Many astrologers have awaited this third of the seven clashes between Uranus and Pluto with baited breath. Well, we have certainly not been disappointed. We can see the Uranus/Pluto effect in the tornado that swept across Oklahoma on Tuesday, killing 24 people. In an area often affected by tornado’s, what made this one stand out, was its ferocity. A different expression of the Uranus/Pluto vibe, might be found in another extreme climate, namely that around Mount Everest. It is almost sixty years since Hillary and Tenzing reached the top, … Lees verder

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The UK Horoscope and the Phone Hacking Scandal: the plot thickens…

Elizabeth Hathway, DFAstrolS, QHP writes: In an article posted on July 6th – I examined the horoscope of Rupert Murdoch. The last sentence of that article read:  ‘The million dollar question for me is, who will he take down with him?” Well since then quite some heads have rolled!! Sir Paul Stephenson, head of the Metropolitan Police Force, his deputy head, John Yates, Rebekah Brooks. But is this enough? In my opinion it is not. This article will look at the horoscope of the UK and the horoscope for the article that brought the phone … Lees verder

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The Horoscope of Hosni Mubarak: Uranus square Pluto

During the last month – the North Node of Moon has moved slowly away from a conjunction with Pluto – and onto the 0 degree Aries point. The Aries point – is also known as the axis of the world – and it has been strongly in the picture now for over a year – with Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter but also Pluto (in October 2009 for the last time), moving accross it. Change hangs in the air.  The sort of change that has the potential to change the course of history. First the Jasmin Revolution in Tunisia, and now a … Lees verder

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Geert Wilders, New York: 9/11 – Uranus, Pluto and the centre stage

  Of all the 9/11 memoriums to date, this years  is the most controversial. Though  pastor Terry Jones has (thankfully) called off his proposed Koran burning event, Dutch politician Geert Wilders will not be postponing his speech at an anti-Islam event in New York, on 9/11. Geert will be adding his voice against the building of an islamitisch cultural center some blocks from the New World Trade Center. Such controversies provide certain people with a big stick to beat with. It seems however that Geert Wilders publicly condemned the pastor’s plan, which is a little out of character since he himself had planned to burn a … Lees verder

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