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Aries Ingress, Sun conjunct Uranus: AT&T aquires T-Mobile USA

I think I spent Sunday recovering from Saturday’s Super Full Moon… This stellar hang-over is probably also why I missed the big news story on Monday – which is of course that AT&T looks set to aquire T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telecom. (News broke sometime on Sunday evening). Clearly with the Sun hovering around the Aries Point – and Uranus now enthroned upon it – some major technological news story was bound to grasp the headlines. Sun and Uranus conjunct – there’s some serious fusion going on here methinks! The aquistion of T-Mobile USA, will … Lees verder

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The Astrology of Spying…

The recent exchange of  spies between the USA and Russia at Vienna airport left me contemplating the astrology of spying. What makes a good spy and what astrological signature would we be looking for ? The first planet that came to my mind was Mercury. Mercury has a double nature, is androgynous, and has everything to do with information. Mercury is the right hand of the Sun, always staying pretty close to the seat of power. Mercury was the ruler of thieves and tradesmen, and that is what spying is all about: buying and selling of information. … Lees verder

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